About Cindy

Cindy Soto, Founder and CEO of  Magical Party Events & Sweet Servings has always had a love for creating one of a kind parties.  In 1999 after Cindy planned and created a one of a kind tea party for her daughter. Cindy opened My Dream Party.  My Dream Party catered to upscale children’s parties. “it’s all about the details” says Cindy.  Cindy was always looking to create bigger and better for her clients.  Her Candyland theme party is when Cindy had a great new idea. Her clients all loved everything about the candyland event.  In 2003 Cindy started Sweet Servings LLC.  Since then Cindy has been creating clever and out of the ordinary designs that make her stand out from the rest.  The best part of my business is the lasting friendships I make with each one of my clients!

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