Specialty Bars

If your on the lookout for something different, special, unique and memorable then try one of our specialty bars. Treat your guests to something special that they are sure to love, and always remember!

Dessert Shooter Bars

Dessert Shooter Bars are a sophisticated way to display little desserts at events. Usually people have in during cocktail hour. We feel it’s all about the presentation. I can promise that your guests will be alking about it for months to come! What better way to have fun picking up a dessert in a little 2 oz. glass.Your table will be created based on your theme and one of a kind.

Donut Bars

If you’re bored of traditional cakes and cupcakes and even macaroon towers have lost their appeal, then maybe a donut bar is just what you’ve been looking for! The donut bar consists of a table of different types of donuts along with a selection of toppings. You can incorporate the new donut trend into your event. A fun way allowing your guests to create their own one-of-a-kind donut. Donut bars are great at the end of your event!  They Can even be used as a thank you favor.

Cookies & Milk Bar

Your event was perfect! Now it’s time for everyone to go home.  What better way to say thank you and send them off with cookies & milk.  With Sweet Servings gourmet cookies set in elevated trays and displays, its the perfect way to end the party. Our cookie station is great for all ages.

Popcorn Bar

Popcorn Bars will have your guests munching the whole time. This is not just your regular buttered popcorn! Sweet Servings only features gourmet popcorn.  Great for all  types of parties and corporate events!  Our popcorn tables can be made simple or elegant!

  S’more’s Bar


Our S’more’s Bar is one of a kind. Designed by Sweet Serving your guests never saw anything like this! We decorate our table based on your colors adding color marshmallows to the mix! It’s interactive and fun for all ages! Great to use during cocktail hour and as a thank you.  Say goodbye to the chocolate fountains this is fun and different!

Waffle Stations


Serving hot Belgium Waffles at your event is the new trend.  It’s fun, unique and clever.  The smell of baking them fresh makes everyone’s mouth water for a taste. Each waffle is baked fresh!

Sweet Vanilla, S’mores/Chocolate Chip, Cinnamon Sugar, Brownie and many more

Choose topping such as: Chocolate Chips, Apples, Bananas, Marshmallow Sauce, Raspberry Sauce, Chocolate Sauce, Caramel, Fruit, Candy, And so much more.  Topping are endless!

Each Package includes:

Consultation with designer if necessary, Basic Linens, Paper Plates, Napkins, Plastic-ware, Setup & clean up, Signature Sign

Chocolate Fountains



When it comes to chocolate Fountains there’s no need to DIY.  Our professional staff takes care of it all for you.  Delivery, set up, table display, chocolate flow upkeep, refreshing and restocking dipping items and clean up. We use the finest chocolate.  You choose milk, dark or white. We also can tint chocolate to coordinate with your event colors. We have over 25 dipping items including strawberries, bananas, cookies, pound cake, marshmallows,pretzels fruits and sweets just to name a few.

Our Fountains come in 3 sizes.

Small for up to 50 people

Medium for up to 150 people

Large for up to 250 people

Call for pricing.

Chocolate Photo Booth



Introducing the Chocolate Photo Booth.  All the fun of a regular photo booth but instead of digital or paper photo’s, guests receive their picture on chocolates.  The Chocolate Photo Booth is the ultimate addition to any party or event. Our unique technology allows us to capture precios moments and images and reproduce them on chocolate right in front of your eyes.  It’s fun and exciting and will truly be remembered by everyone.

Your guests will receive delicious souvenirs personalized with their own edible pictures.  Customized chocolate giveaways can even be prepared in advance with a corporate logo or specific message

Pricing includes: 4 hours of nonstop printing, chocolate pops, clam shell cases, take home favor and 2 attendants.

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