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Halloween Candy Bars

We all love a good Candy Bar.  I know I do! Creating them can sometimes be difficult - You need to think outside of the box.  Halloween is the perfect time to try new things with your table. 
I love Halloween tables.  Maybe its because I love fall. 
Love the colors, love the season. 
 The orange, white, black and brown colors really pop.  Adding some Hay, pumpkins allows you to be creative. 
I love the labels on the jars  
But lets not stop there!  When you start to think outside the box then you can start creating great centerpieces for your table in addition a pie station - Which is everyone's favorite! 
I would love to see your tables.  Make sure you send me your pictures so I can include it on my blog.
Join me tomorrow on how to design your S'mores Station. 



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