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Let The Holidays Begin

It's that time again, my favorite time of the year!!
  I love decorating for the holidays.  This year everyone is starting early.  Every year I wait until after Thanksgiving to put up my tree. Not this year.   
 We usually have our annual Christmas / Holiday party but since this year is different - No Party. 
I was planning on stating my first Holiday Supper Club. 
It's very popular and if you google it
you will see so many people wo have a Supper Club.  
So what is a Holiday Supper Club? 
It starts the week before Thanksgiving and continues until the week before Christmas.  You invite your friends to your home, or everyone picks a date they would like to host.  Every week its a different food theme.  Such as Greek, Italian, Asian etc.. and each person gets assigned a dish to make.  
I know some people that really make the most of their Supper Club by choosing a charity such as Toys for Tots and everyone brings a donation.
Remember the holidays are about giving
This year might be different and things might not be about gathering together.  Plan your Supper Club for the months a head. 
Who says it has to be just for the holidays? 

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