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Party Ideas During Coronavirus

Who thought this would last this long?  We all love to celebrate and having to reschedule or celebrate without each other could be very depressing for some. During this time we all have to think out of the box. 
The biggest party now is a Zoom party.  We are all loving it. So gather together. 

1) One of the biggest Zoom parties is the Karaoke Party.

2) Send out party favors to all your friends - Invite them to a zoom party and have everyone open them up at the same time

3) send a cupcake decorating kit to your friends and everyone can decorate together light the candles and sing Happy Birthday  

4) Movie night - rent a projector, make the popcorn station, soda station candy station everyone can sit out back and watch the movie.  Add some Tepee's and make it a camping night.

5) Balloons they are so festive. Blow them up put them all over the house and celebrate. 

If your home, you just need to be creative. Celebrating makes you smile, makes feel good.Don't forget to celebrate in this new life.

Please leave a comment and share how you celebrated recently Cindy    


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