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Zoom Halloween Mustache Bash


This Halloween looks a little different then the years past. 

Getting used to the new normal has a lot of us still in the house, still wearing our facemasks and trying to adjust to the world going virtual. 

Now is the time to be different - Finding different way of having fun. That's why a Zoom Mustache Bash is the way to go. 

Start to make your list and send out invites.

You have time to send everyone a paper Mustache or have everyone look up weird Mustache Clip Art and have them print and cut on black paper.


Create your food list.  Have everyone bring food and a drink to the zoom party. Try The Orange Crush Punch and send everyone the recipe. 

1 quart orange Sherbet

1 quart Lime Sherbet

1 2 liter bottle of orange flavored soda - chilled 

1 2 liter bottle Ginger Ale Chilled

Garnish with orange slices and lime

Adults can add rum  

This is a great time to spend Halloween with family that you never get the chance to see.  Have a best costume award.  The kids will love it.

Everyone will have so much fun. You will need to start planning this yearly!  

 Come back tomorrow for more Halloween Trick and Treat




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