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Stuffing Bear Buddies

Who doesn't love making or receiving a Teddy Bear just for them?  Teddy Bears are easy to cuddle and put a smile on anyone's face.  

Our Furry Buddies are hand-stuffed and have a hidden locking closure, so No sewing is required, which makes our at-home Bear Buddy workshop fun and easy! 

With over 30 furry friends and a buddy for every budget, we have something for everyone. 

Every Bear Buddies Kit comes with everything you need, even the birth certificate!

Dinosaur experts, unicorn enthusiasts and panda lovers will be able to find the perfect Buddie  Over 60 Buddy kits in 2 sizes! A budget for everyone.  Perfect for boys and girls, Field Trips, Moms, Dads, gifts, even Gender Revel Parties! 

Choose really great outfits for your Buddy. 

Have A Great Party!!

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